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Mosi Dorbayani, MSc, MBA, PhD, is an Executive Adviser, Educator and Consultant in international management and strategic leadership. He is Author of several professional books and is a well-published Lyricist.


He is also the Co-founder and President of WAALM, an international awarding body in arts and cross-cultures based in the UK & Canada. As a UHR Ambassador, he serves several UN affiliated organizations and promotes cultural diplomacy. 


He is a member of Academic Council on The United Nations System and is the recipient of 2010 Human Rights Hero Awards, conferred at the United Nations, Geneva.


He started martial arts by learning ‘Gong Fu 功夫-中國武術’ in 1976 and ‘Karate 空手’ in 1977 in style of ‘Kanzen-ryu (a Shorinji-ryu branch 少林寺流拳行館唐手)’, and attained his black belt in 1983. 


Three years after achieving his 2nd Dan, he moved to the style of ‘Shito-ryu 糸東流’ in 1988 and followed his practice first by joining Kenshikan Shito-ryu Kenpo Karate 字面意思就是空手 (Kusano ha Shito-ryu) and then Shitokai 糸東会 (Founded by: Manzo Iwata).


He continued his practice in Shito-ryu and received his 6th Dan and ‘Renshi-Instructor’ license from Shitokai Association and National Hungarian Karate Federation (a member of WKF - World Karate Federation) and received his 7th Dan and ‘Shihan – Master Instructor’ title from Shitokai and the International Society of Okinawan-Japanese Karate (accredited by the International Traditional Karate Federation).


In addition to Karate, he also holds 6th Dan in ‘Ryukyu Kobujutsu 琉球古武術’ and is certified in several Koryu styles, including ‘Aiki-Jujutsu 合気柔術’ and ‘Tai-Jutsu 体術’. His passion for martial science and martial history of Koryu Bujutsu has led him to become an avid practitioner of Kenjutsu (Samurai Art of Swordsmanship) and to follow ‘Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu 天真正伝香取神道流’.


In the past, during his martial sport practices, he achieved over 120 medals at national and international competitions in both Kata and Kumite (Team and Individual), 86 of which were gold. In 1995 he was the first ever Founder, Manager and Technical Director for professionally paid International British College Karate Team, sponsored by The Abbey-UK. In 1996 he became a certified WKF regulated Judge and Referee in Kata and Kumite and was invited to act as the head-referee to several European and Scandinavian Karate and Kobudo Championships in Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Hungary.


Dr. Dorbayani is a three-time Mayor's award recipient for best coach and instructor in Hungary, which marks his trainees’ success in achieving many European and World Cup championships in Kata, Kumite and Kobudo. 


From 1996 to 2003 he was the Chief Instructor of Shitokai in Hungary - European Union. From 1998 to 2007 he also served as a member of 'Technical Committee for National Hungarian Karate Federation and 'Martial Arts Technical Collage'.                                              


From 1999 to 2001 he served as Technical Adviser to ‘World Martial Arts and Martial Sport Confederation’ of Denmark. He was also among the official delegates for Central Europe at the Karate for Olympics campaign and performed at World Budo Gala in Copenhagen. He also represented ‘The British All Styles Karate Association’ in Central Europe from 1996 to 2000 and conducted many technical exchange programs across various styles in the region.


In 1997 he established his own association (Kyokai) and after years of research on Koryu Bujutsu, in January 2004 Dr. Dorbayani's request to establish his own system  was granted and he named his style ‘KOJIDO TODI-JUTSU 固持道唐手術- The Way of Persistence in Unarmed Martial Arts’ and formed 'The Academy of Scientific Martial Arts' as a division to Kojido's organization, inviting instructors to provide education on Science of Martial Anatomy, Martial Physiology, Martial Philosophy as well as Japanese-Okinawan Culture and Language.


Eventually, his organization developed to ‘Sogo Bujutsu 総合武術兵法 - Integral Martial Arts Strategies’ and it is now one of the comprehensive martial arts military schools with active training halls and disciples in Europe, North America and study groups in Asia.


As the Founder and Headmaster ( 宗家 Soke) of Kojido, Dr. Dorbayani continues in advancing his art in Bujutsu and is teaching his followers ‘The Way of Persistence’ at his ‘Comprehensive Martial Art Strategies Organization 固持道総合武術兵法’. 










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